PlantCatalyst® and Row Crops

Farmers constantly struggle to get the most for their money. They battle the weather, rising costs, and changing demands and regulations to their industry. Help may be found in a simple but revolutionary solution.

What is PlantCatalyst®?

PlantCatalyst® was invented by Dr. Willard and has paved the way for many happy farmers seeing increased yields. PlantCatalyst® has been used since 1973 to help growers in fields, greenhouses, and gardens. As a liquid, it is easy to add and use in just about any situation or environment. PlantCatalyst® is non-toxic and made with natural ingredients but has been shown to have significant impact on yields, resilience of crops, size of plants, and root systems. It can even boast of making plants greener, have larger fruit, and giving plants a better flavor and aroma.

PlantCatalyst® is easy to use, no matter the soil type or the climate demands. By adding a little to the liquid fertilizer, you can decrease your fertilizer needs by 50% and still see an increase to yields by 10-50%. It can benefit all growers but is especially important for regions that battle extreme conditions and a tough landscape for agriculture.

How Does it Work?

PlantCatalyst® works by altering the structure of the water to make it a valuable catalyst for biological processes. This alteration increases the ability of the plant to carry nutrients from the soil, microbes, micronutrients, and fertilizers. It also allows for the maximum water intake into the plant, making the plant less susceptible to droughts and other environmental stressors. Increased nutrient uptake and maximum water absorption can translate into increased yields and less use of nitrogen-based fertilizers, putting more money in your pocket.

Using PlantCatalyst® is simple. Start by soaking your seeds in a solution of 1 ounce PlantCatalyst® to 1 gallon of water. When you are ready to apply fertilizer to the plants, mix in 3 ounces of PlantCatalyst® to 50 gallons of water/fertilizer mixture. Use only half the amount of fertilizer that you would normally use to cover your crops and you will still see incredible results.


Back in the mid-1990’s, Dr. Keith Kelling at the University of Wisconsin Department of Soil Science came across PlantCatalyst® and wanted to find out if the claims of better yields were true. He tested the formula on corn, potatoes, and other crops, comparing how plants treated with PlantCatalyst® and fertilizer compared to the plants treated with just fertilizer. While the amounts of the fertilizer and PlantCatalyst® used were not within today’s recommendations, he did see improved root systems and larger plants with the PlantCatalyst® treatment. This initial study laid the ground work for future studies of PlantCatalyst®.

Studies of PlantCatalyst® continue today. In 2017, Zambia Agricultural Research Institute, a premier agricultural research center in Africa, started testing PlantCatalyst® to determine if it can help farmers in Zambia turn a better profit from their crops. The product was tested on maize, soybeans, groundnuts, and cotton. The results were just as they hoped. The crops often produced 15-30% more yield, reduced costs by 6-9%, and increased profits by as much as 43%. The research included what the best ratio of PlantCatalyst® to fertilizer would be. It found that half as much fertilizer gave the best results when using Plant Catalyst. More fertilizer did not result in significantly better plants and increased both expenses and potential harm to the environment. The combination of 50% fertilizer and the PlantCatalyst® was cheaper than using full fertilizer alone. This difference can give farmers in Africa an edge in their production.

By using PlantCatalyst® in a row crop operation, costs can be decreased, yield can be increased, and the impact on the environment can be lessened. Farmers are sometimes hesitant to try new items, but the research on PlantCatalyst® speaks for itself. PlantCatalyst® has been used for all kinds of crops and plants for over 40 years. The unique formula makes plants more efficient and more resilient in a variety of conditions. And less nitrogen-based fertilizer is needed. Simply put, by adding PlantCatalyst® to your operation, you can make more money.